Please send your auction item contribution list for Good Neighbor Extravaganza to:

Kerry Lewis- at: -
and Jim Rohn at:
1) 1997 PRCA directors - NFR Jacket
2) Breyer horse # 1139 AA Omner, Anglo-Arab Endurance Champion
3) Stone horse - "Goliath" - Black Percheron - part of a 6 up hitch.
4) Colorado State University Ram Logo: Belt Buckle, Earrings, Necklace.
5) One of a kind carved ?bone? - ?ivory? 18" necklace 6 ivory colored carved elephants linked together
with 18 little metal beads and tiny ivory colored beads. Matching elephant earrings.
6) "Maunder Minimum" By Willie Wei-Hock Soon & Steven H. Yaskell (Buyer may have Willie sign.)
7) "Taken By Storm" By Christopher Essex & Ross McKitrick
8) Framed "Elk Bulls" signed print by Lynn Griffin (Bryce Canyon artist)
9) Framed "Cowboy and horse string" signed print by Lynn Griffin (Bryce Canyon artist)
10) Real antique "Wheelbarrow of Wine and Roses!"
11) "Know Bull" poster- signed by photographer (Roni Bell) and Leon Coffee
12) 2 or 3 Coors Art Posters
13) 2 National Finals Rodeo (NFR) tickets - one night (Dec)
14) 2 National Finals Rodeo (NFR) tickets - one night (Dec)
15) 4 Tickets - Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza - Sat night January 8, 2011 National Western
16) 4 Tickets - National Western PRCA Rodeo - your choice day and time
17) Basket of Homemade jams and jellies from the Muddy Valley Ranch (CO)
18) Antelope Hunt by guide-Daniel Wilson - and Kimmi Lewis
19) One day Turkey Hunt - by guide Gary Odenbaugh
20) Shotgun - given by Colonel Mark Trostel
21) Custom Built Cowboy Hat
22) Handmade Boot Mirror - by P.J. Trostel
23) One Day Veterinarian Service - Provided by Dr. John Maulsby
24) Antique provided by Jim Rohn
25) Antique provided by Jim Rohn
26) Pheasant Hunt -The Bluffs Hunt is donated by: Russell MacLennan
27) Photo Safari - Donated by Zulu Nyala
28) Safari - Donated by Jarrod Bachman & Abie Steyn of Stey Caracal Safaris - Click here
29) Historic photo: Flock of sheep on 17th street Denver (attached)
30) Trio of books: "The Eyes of the World" - and "When A Man's A Man" by Harold Bell Wright (1914). "Ruth Fielding At Silver Ranch" by Alice B. Emerson (1913)
31) The Cowboy and His Elephant: The Story of a Remarkable Friendship - by Malcolm MacPherson - donated by Robert Norris (T-Cross Ranch).

Door Prizes: "Ol' Satan's Hide" by Quinn Griffin (Cowboy poetry booklets - type set and hand printed by Jack Kisling- limited, rare.)
"Air Con" By Ian Wishart
Good Neighbor logo coffee mugs