AGood Neighbor Forum speaker, Beverly Eakman
on TV - March 8th.

Good Neighbor Extravaganza and Beverly Eakman at the Forum
information follows this show announcement.
This is to inform you that with the exception of Monday, March 08, 2010, the airings for Beverly Eakman’s EWTN-TV interview have been revised by the station. The air time for tonight is still 10 p.m. EST, but the rest of the week is as follows and needs to be posted, especially if you had already sent it around (actual changes in red):

Monday 10 p.m. EST
Tuesday – not aired this day
Wednesday 2 a.m. EST
Friday 1 p.m. EST

There probably will be other airings throughout the year, but as these are the first ones, they are the most-watched. Again, for your information, the topic is “The Effects of the Psychologized Classroom,” and the EWTN channels for various carriers are:

Channels: Verizon Fios 285
DirecTV Channel 370
Dish Network Channel 261
Sky Angel Channel 143
Sky Digital UK Channel 589
SKY Italia Channel 965
Beverly K. Eakman
Author, Columnist & Lecturer
Latest book release:
Psychologized Classrooms Are Producing a Nation of Sitting Ducks