ARTICLES: April 5, 2010
Are we good neighbors

James Nathan Post

Americans are nobody's good neighbors. I have said in several of my books, articles, and videos, "Our rights in practice are not what the government's laws say, but how we treat each other. Where neighbros do not respect each other's property rights, soon nobody has anything. Where neighbors protect each other's rights, soon everybody has everything." When, as in every inner-city neighborhood I know of (ok, that's not many, but what I see on the news) you cannot walk to the store for a six-pack of beer without your neighbors stealing your DVD player while you are gone, or mugging you in an alley on the way home, then whatever the law says about your rights is simply moot. It doesn't matter for whom you vote, nor how many war-vet cops you have prowling the streets and checking your body cavities for an Uzi.

Our law enforcement's principal tool is the coerced informant, who is told for the smoking-spinach in his pocket he will get six years in jail, or be out on the street by six o'clock tonight if he will rat out the potheads in his neighborhood...or his family. Our youth are not educated in science or history, but are subject to jingoist propaganda to wage war on anyone who would resist the regime of Jesus, Citibank, and the Big Mac. We are ready to wave the flags and grant our leaders a blank check to spend anything to kill people in other countries, but we howl like we were being bled objecting to spending ten bucks to keep people alive in this country. Our "neighbors" are only those who share our ethnicity, work for the corporations, and attend our church.

Internationally, we respect no nation as an equal, and we have no friends; we have "strategic allies" which ain't the same. In WWII we stood with England not for hatred of Hitler's militant regime (which many admired) nor for love of the Jews (which many hated), but because the Federal Reserve was largely an account in the Bank Of England. France would like to be our friend, but because they opposed the trumped-up Cheney/Rumsfeld war of economic exploitation in Iraq, and provide their citizens real medical care (not just "insurance") we declare them cowards and socialists. We spend billions bombing the fields of Afghanistan to keep them from growing opium (or food) to protect the US pharmo industry from competition by the superior natural produce. We claim our "right" to do that because of a small club of less than fifty wealthy religious fanatics from another country, who accomplished a single mission of terror against us. Now there are tens of thousands of them, and one-third of the people of the world hate us for religious persecution. Good neighbors.

Israel, like us, is nobody's friend. As Christians are self-declared adopted Jews, we are now declaring them adopted Christians, because they are our military foothold in Islam, the land of oil and market opportunity. We think ourselves thereby the sole and deserving beneficiaries of the "Divine promise" made to them in a bigoted ancient occult book of xenophobia and spiritual blackmail. Good neighbors.

Consider our nearest neighbors, Canada and Mexico. We pretend we don't see Canada, because they are a free country with a neighborly attitude, good health care for everyone, and they once harbored those "cowards" who stood on moral ground against the industrial war we initiated in Vietnam, and who today prefer not to shoot their neighbors for growing marijuana, which is still illegal here because it competes successfully with petrochemicals and synthetic pharmos. Mexico was once our friend and neighbor, but today we have armed their DEA and paid them to make active war on their citizens who wanted to import that same highly-desired product, and to work hard in our sweatshops for less than we pay our own poorest citizens. That war has killed about 20,000 of them so far, and we blame it on the pot. Now instead of those who were willing to work and become good Americans, we have organized gangs of highly-motivated violent criminals who hate us and our country, and rightly so. Because marijuana is difficult to import, and leads people to peaceful lifestyles, they are not importing it any longer, and have switched to methedrine, the deadliest chemical motivator of violence known to man. In Texas and Arizona, we are arming ourselves and calling for the right to shoot Mexicans on sight. Good neighbors.

We whine that our jobs are being "given away" to Mexicans and other foreigners we hate. Not true. Once the American way of success was to make the best product and sell it at a profit at the lowest price. Today we do neither. We have lost the jobs because we are glutted on consuming the world and cannot compete with our international neighbors in productivity, and we hate them for it. Our employers move to other countries because they can successfully exploit their people with lower rewards for the same work.

Our youth vote? Why should they? What's in it for them? Our President, whose race could not even share our urinals when he was born here, rose from the commonest roots to graduate with highest honors from what is arguably the most prestigious school of law in the world, and he became Professor of Constitutional Law there. He rose by laboring in the neighborhoods for the cause of our least advantaged. His Secretary Of State was an academic super-achiever from childhood, and is arguably the most highly educated and experienced woman politician in America... and their opposition in the polls is a vacuous beauty-queen wannabe with the attitude of a multi-level lipstick-sales flack who calls for us to rise in arms against our government, drops the names of Jesus and John Wayne, and is declared to be more qualified than the homely Hillary because she is "hot". We are where we are today because this is who we are. Being good neighbors to each other and to the world is likely our only hope, but good luck. For all of our declared good intentions, we are today a nation of gluttons, predators, and prideful fools.